Spiritual Thoughts:Something Was Off, But What?

My son, give me your heart
and let your eyes keep to my ways,
- Proverbs 23:26

photo by aloshbennett

photo by aloshbennett

I gotta tell ya.  I really enjoyed the time off from everything during the holidays.  But, all that time off made for getting back to norm a bit of a challenge.  I’m almost out of practice even adding an entry to this place.  I’ll get back to normal fairly quickly, I hope.

Something that struck me as…odd..I don’t think that’s the right word..was something that happened to me this past Friday.

I was off of work, had been since lunch on Wednesday.  For some reason, on this day, I woke up at around 2:30ish AM.  Couldn’t go back to sleep.  So, I got up, did some laundry, folded some laundry, watched a bit of TV.  Read a few of the feeds in my reader.  Then around 9AM, I decided to take a nap.

I slept until about 11:00am.  Woke up feeling like I had been ran over by a truck.  I hate sleeping that late.  Just a waste of time, but, I needed it I guess.

I didn’t do anything the rest of the day.  I mean, nothing but lay on the couch and watch TV.  Not sick, just blah, you know?

Well, to make a long story short, by the time the end of the day arrived, I felt as if my whole life was off.  What’s worse is I felt a distance from God that I hadn’t felt in a while.  So much so that when I finally decided to talk to him, I asked him what was up.  Wondered why he felt so distant today.

Well, it didn’t take me long to realize just how much nothing I had done that day.  It was no wonder I felt a distance.  I barely talked to him the whole day.  What was I to expect?

I didn’t get into my Bible study that morning.  I didn’t read any of my Lucado or Warren books.  I didn’t take any time to pray, for anything.

I thought a couple of times about reading, but just didn’t feel like it.  Man, I won’t make that mistake again.

Well, that night I finally talked to God.  Apologized to him for assuming it was he who put the distance between us.  Vowed to make every effort to never let that  happen again.

I went to bed with the familiar warmth in my heart and knew that everything was going to be ok.

Woke up Saturday, at 10am! Schedule was already off.  I didn’t want to study.  Didn’t want to read.  But, you know what I did?  Yep.  I studied.  I caught up on my daily reading (gonna read through the Bible this year), started preparing for my lesson on Sunday morning.  I began that day, late, but with that comfortable relationship with God that I now hold so dear.

I’m gonna blame the yuck on the devil.  I mean, it would only make sense that he would be trying to keep me as far away from God as possible.

He also knows my resolution to grow my relationship with God.  It only took him a little more than a day to try and destroy that resolution.

So, ya’ll watch out.  He’s sly.  He knows what we want.  He knows our weaknesses and jumps on them like a chicken on a june bug.  He knows your resolutions.  He knows you almost as well as you do, if not better.

Once you get into the practice.  Once you realize what keeps you going, or, Who keeps you going.  Don’t let anything take that focus away.  It doesn’t or won’t take much.

Because of HIM


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  1. Posted January 7, 2009 at 5:46 pm | Permalink

    It’s so easy to fall into that trap, isn’t it? I find that it’ll happen when I’m playing around on the internet, not really doing anything, but just killing time. Next thing I know, it’s time to fix dinner and I have accomplished nothing the entire day.

    As my granddaddy used to say, an idle mind is a devil’s playground.

    Kool Aid’s last blog post..Patterns

  2. Posted January 8, 2009 at 5:42 am | Permalink

    @Kool Aid – It’s just about the easiest thing to accomplish.

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